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Acqua Única

Typical Analysis (mg/L)

Barium 0,051
Strontium 0,058
Calcium 7,150
Magnesium 3,540
Potassium 2,740
Sodium 6,650
Phosphate 0,090
Sulfate 0,490
Bicarbonate 52,04
Fluoride 0,100
Nitrate 4,280
Chloride 2,470
Bromide 0,030
pH at source 6,320
Dry residue ate 180º C 90,44 mg/L

Best before date indicated on bottle.
Store in a clean cool dry place away from sunlight, strong odourts and chemicals.

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Bottled at source
Source: Acqua Fina
Mineradora Santa Maria de Serra Negra LTDA.
Km 04, Enzo Perondini Avenue, Serra Negra - SP
13930-000 - Brazil

More information about the elements present in water

BARIUM - Barium, in very low concentrations (up to 0.7 mg / L), is considered a muscle stimulant, as in the case of our water!

STRONTIUM - Element found in various parts of the human body (extracellular fluid, soft tissues and plasma), it has properties similar to calcium, being able to replace it in processes such as muscle contraction and regulation of blood coagulation; It is applicable in the treatment of rhema; It stimulates bone formation and can help in the prevention of ostoporosis and cavities.

CALCIUM – It exercises the function of mineralization of the bones, being effective to consolidate fractures and assist in the treatment of rickets; prevents osteoporosis; regulates blood pressure (when it is associated with other minerals: sodium, potassium and magnesium); regulates the heartbeat; calcium is part of the structure of the teeth; reduces sensitivity in cases of skin diseases; can aid in the relief of insomnia; essential in the muscle contraction process. Exposure to the sun and vitamin D aid in the absorption of calcium in the body.

MAGNESIUM – Atua the digestive system, as a relaxant for intestinal muscles, being indicated for intestinal and liver diseases; help in the prevention of pedras nos rins; Possible anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties; atua na reduction of asthma and bronquite; Magnesium deficiency can cause problems associated with hypertension, congestive heart failure, arrhythmias, diabetes mellitus, head pain, etc.

POTASSIUM – Controls the amount of water in the cells; regulates heart rhythms; the sodium / potassium ratio plays an important role in the control of hypertension; potassium deficiency can cause abdominal cramps and pain.

SODIUM - Regulates blood pressure (High Pressure - related to high sodium intake; low pressure - necessary adequate sodium intake in the diet); acts in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, for the transformation of these macro nutrients into energy for the body; participates in the processes of muscle contractions.

PHOSPHATE - Along with calcium, it strengthens bones and teeth; It helps in the acid-base balance of the body's fluids, when it is combined with chlorette and sulfate.

SULFATE - Helps in the prevention of the formation of stones in the kidneys; acts on hormonal control mechanisms; helps in the elimination of toxic substances from the body.

BICARBONATE - Helps in the digestive process; helps in the treatment of stomach pains such as gastritis and ulcers.

FLUORETO - Maintains the health of bones and teeth, acting in the prevention of cavities and bone loss.

NITRATE - It is an indicator of water quality. Or maximum allowed value is 10 mg / L. Allowed maximum values ​​indicate unsatisfactory sanitary quality of water.

CHLORETH - When it is combined with hydrogen in the stomach, the formation of hydrochloric acid occurs, responsible for the breakdown of proteins, absorption of other metallic minerals beyond helping the absorption of vitamin B12; it acts on the nervous system, in combination with chlorine and potassium, they help in the conduction of electrical impulses.

BROMETE - It is indicated as a sedative and tranquilizer; It can help in the fight against insomnia, nervousness and emotional imbalances; Indicated in epilepsy treatments.